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    Unanswered: Optimize msAccess / MySQL search

    In my Access runtime applications I often include a ‘locator field’ search box to speed-up searches on tabular forms.

    The user can choose (via radio buttons) which column field to search by and as each character is entered into a search box the record that matches the pattern will become the active record.

    This has worked well up to now.

    I am in the throws of replacing the mdb/mde backend with MySQL. The custom search has now become much slower!

    I have included small snippets of the search code from different event handlers.

    code:Private rsClone      As DAO.Recordset
    ‘strField – field in tabular form to search by.
    Screen.ActiveForm.subForm.Form.OrderBy = strField
    'Create clone after datasheet has been sorted...
    Set rsClone = Screen.ActiveForm.subForm.Form.RecordsetClone
    rsClone.Sort = strFiel
    ‘strLoc - user entered search string.
    If strLoc = "" Then		
       rsClone.FindFirst strSearch & " LIKE '" & strLoc & "*'"
    End If
    'Sync current record with clone...
    If Not rsClone.NoMatch Then
       Screen.ActiveForm!subForm.Form.Bookmark = rsClone.Bookmark
       ‘show not found message in status bar.
    End If

    How can I optimize it now that the tables are MySQL InnoDB?

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    i have no idea what you're doing with that code

    i just thought i'd point out that the wildcard character for the LIKE expression in mysql is % instead of * | @rudydotca
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