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    Unanswered: case sensitive Oracle Query


    as I experienced Oracle 9i queries are case Sensitive. Select... Where NACHNAME LIKE 'meier' doesn't bring up ANY results!
    I tried to solve the problem when I (in Java) made the first Character upper-case and the rest lower-case.
    Now I searched for the name "Shirin-Sokhan" and Java makes
    Shirin-sokhan out of it --> Case sensitive oracle doesn't find anything.

    How can I solve that????????

    Is there any easy solution to make case-insensitive Selects?

    Thank you

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    Re: case sensitive Oracle Query

    select ... where upper(nachname) like 'MEIER';

    This prevents Oracle using an index on NACHNAME if there is one. If that is a problem you can create a function-based index on upper(nachname).

    However, the fact that your Java program is changing the case of text strings entered by the user seems to be the real issue here. Why does it do that?

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