hi all,

just wonder is it is a good idea to have a tool box for dBforums ?
this means that anyone who had done a tool or a piece of code that is well tested and solve problems that might face forum memebers can post his tool. if we done this, we will help all of us alot.

for exapmle :

since 1 month i had to make a program that collect data from 60 Microsoft SQL server into one big DB2 server, i was wondering how we can do this under UNIX or linux, by that time i didnot know anything about unixODBC or FreeTDS, i write a post here to ask about this, with no reply.

it tooks me one week to find tools from the net, download and configure, then i startted programming, finally i have a replicator tool that runs under linux/UNIX. it is multi-threaded and it can read/write from SQL/DB2/MYSQL RDBMS

if i post this code here, maybe someone may make use of this effort
waiting for yr comments