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    Unanswered: calculations with ranges

    Can anyone help me with my problem?

    I want to to calculate with entire ranges (to which I assigned a name beforehand) just like I would with individual cells. An example:

    Result-range = range1 - range2

    the ranges have the same dimension and the upperleft cell from range2 should be subtracted from the upperleft cell from range1 and its resulting value written into the upperleft cell in the result-range and so on.

    Not a big thing I reckon but still couldn't find a solution

    Any kind of hint is much appreciated,


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    Sounds like you need an introduction to array formulas. Try this:

    In cells A1:A5, enter 10;10;10;10;10
    In cells B1:B5, enter 8;6;4;2;0

    Name the range a1:a5 "Range1"
    Name the range b1:b5 "Range2"

    Now, preselect C1:C5 using your mouse. With these cells painted, type an equals sign. Then type range1-range2. Then, and this is important, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

    For more info, search your harddrive for SAMPLES.XLS or check out

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    it's the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER i needed.


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