I am "webmastering" a website for which I want to give the owner the opportunity to modify the content without having to use DreamWeaver or FrontPage or whatever.
The content is rather fixed, but some data already comes from a mySQL database and has some administration screens to edit that content online (think of an activies calender, a personel list, a "hot news" box on the main page, etc).
However, the "fixed pages" may be subject to minor changes at unfrequent intervals, and I would like to store most of them in the database too.
I have been looking at MamboServer and it looks great, but it offers much more than what I am looking for, and the type of website that I am running doesn't fit the concept of MamboServer (with many people registering and participating in the content).
If possible, for my website I would like to use only the part with which the user can update a page using the very user friendly WYSIWYG interface of MamboServer. I would store my pages in MY database (so not in MamboServer) and would like to put a user friendly "edit-the-page" module in front of it. That would require some programming on my behalf, but for the editing itself I am looking for something "out of the box" that is similar (or better: equal!) to the possibilities that MamboServer has to edit content.
I such software available and can you point me to it?