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    Unanswered: SQL7.0 shrink

    Need some help here!

    I'm trying to shrink a 20GB mdf file. I'm using SQL7.0 sp2. I'm using just 1 mdf.

    I've tried using the 'shrink' option from enterprise manager. This just increases the size to around 35GB.

    I've tried doing the shrink selecting just page re-order. Again the mdf increases to 35GB.

    I've tried increasing the size of the mdf to 30GB and then shinking. Same result.

    I've tried using DBCC shrinkfile. Again the mdf increases to around 35GB.

    I've tried using DBCC shrinkdatabase. The mdf increases as above.

    I've tried ungrading to SP3. Same result.

    Any ideas??? Apart from upgrading to SQL2000.

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    First of all better to upgrade on service pack level to SP4.

    Then use DBCC SHRINKDATABASE (T-SQL from query analyzer to shrink the database. Refer to books online for completed reference about above DBCC statement.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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