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    Unanswered: Error SQL0440N, SQLSTATE=42884

    I got an error message SQL0440N saying that
    No authorized routine named "DM_IMPAPPLDATA" of type "FUNCTION"
    having compatible arguments was found. SQLSTATE=42884.
    when i executed the command DM_IMPAPPLDATA
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    Re: Error SQL0440N, SQLSTATE=42884

    See if the error message description makes sense :

    SQL0440N No function by the name "<function-name>" having
    compatible arguments was found in the function path.

    Explanation: This occurs in a reference to function
    "<function-name>", where "<function-name>" can refer to a method,
    when the database manager cannot find a function or method it can
    use to implement the reference. There are several reasons why
    this could occur:

    o "<function-name>" was either incorrectly specified or does
    not exist in the database.

    o A qualified reference was made, and the qualifier was
    incorrectly specified.

    o The user's function path does not contain the schema to which
    the desired function or method belongs, and an unqualified
    reference was used.

    o The wrong number of arguments were included.

    o The right number of arguments were included, but the data
    types of one or more of the arguments is incorrect.

    o The function does not exist in the database with a create
    timestamp earlier than the time the package was bound
    (applies to static statements).

    o The mutator method corresponding to an attribute assignment
    used in an UPDATE statement could not be found. The data
    type of the new value for the attribute is not a data type
    that is the same or promotable to the data type of the

    User Response: Fix the problem and retry. This could involve
    catalog access, change to the statement, the addition of new
    functions, and/or change to the function path.

    sqlcode: -440

    sqlstate: 42884
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