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    Question Unanswered: progress/unix en odbc or ado


    i am looking for the best way to connect to a progress database on a sco unix server.
    I want to connect to a windows environment, as my reporting tools,
    mostly based on borland delphi, are windows apps.

    As i learned by looking at the forum this is possible at least:
    through odbc
    througd ado


    Is one of the above methodes to be preferred?
    Are there other ways to connect to the progress db

    The progress db is an embedded database in a hospital information systems wich solely runs on unix, so i am sticked to a progress database under unix

    Thanks for help

    Diederik van Donk

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    Re: progress/unix en odbc or ado

    Progress database in version 9 has built-in two database engines: 4GL (for applications written in Progress 4GL language) and SQL-92 (for applications that access database using SQL-92 standard). If you have no product for 4GL client you can consider JDBC database driver (for Java-based tools) or ODBC driver (for .NET for example). There is no way to use ADO, the only way for Microsoft tools is ODBC driver (also for earlier Progress version 8).

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