I try to make som multiple summating from an Oracle database with a ASP page.
I would like to summate the area of different landtypes and hava 3 columns of interest. landtype, area and place .
So I am struggeling with the SQL statements..
If possible I would like all of the landtypes summed separately in a single SQL statement.
So If I chose the place redden
I get a result of
gras area 7
water area 15
farmland area 25
and so on.
I tried this below but it dont seem to work
Is it possible to write sth like this? or should one use some type of group statement?

sql = "SELECT SUM(area) AS [gras]From database where landtype='gras' AND place='redden' AND SUM(area) AS [water]From database where landtype='water' AND place='redden' AND SUM(area) AS [farmland]From database where landtype='farmland' AND place='redden'"

and then have the recordsets printed out sth

do while not rs.eof