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    Unanswered: Unbound forms? How to?

    I would like to create an unbound form using DAO. So for me to create an unbound form. I would create a form without choosing a table, open a DAO recordset and then set the ControlSource of the objects on the form to that recordset like follows?

    Dim rs as DAO.Recordset

    set rs = new DAO.Recordset

    Set rs = database.OpenRecordset(strSQL, RecordsetType, RecordsetOptions, LockType)

    set TextBox.ControlSource = rs

    Thank you for any help.
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    If the form is unbound so are the controls in which case you will have to assign the values from your recordset to each of the controls.


    me.text1 = myRS("Property Name")
    me.text2 = myRS("Address Line 1")

    or you could try specifying the record source of the form before the control source of each object.

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