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    Question Unanswered: Setting up Net8 over SSH Tunnel

    Can someone please help me?

    I've tried this -

    Set up tns names for server =, port 1400
    I then connect to server A via PuTTY using port fowarding of 1400 to A:1500

    I then ssh -f -L 1500BSERV:1521 SERVERA tail -f /dev/null

    Once this is setup, shouldn't I be able to connect via SQL to a DB that sits on DBSERV by using the tnsnames entry that points to localhost:1400?

    PLEASE HELP - it's not working.


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    Re: Setting up Net8 over SSH Tunnel

    I seem to recall you need SSH 3.1.x or higher. Also, generally speaking, if you want to do port forwarding then you should be using Oracle Connection Manager (CMAN) on the same server as your Oracle database. Even still, Oracle's Enterprise Manager client version 2.x may continue to fail as it is not supported in port forwarding environments.

    Back in Oracle 734 we could not run MTS (now "Shared Server") through firewalls that performed port forwarding - not sure if that's still an issue or not.

    Oracle's MetaLink web site has lots of info on configuring SSH for specific products like Oracle Data Guard. Maybe they have some articles to help your office too.

    Good luck!
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