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    Unanswered: Not able to use Filter By Form

    I have a form which has a list box object in it. The Row Source of the list box refers to a query, so when the form is opened, I see the query output in the list box.

    I would like to avail of the "Filter By Form" functionality to allow me to use a Print Preview button to display only the filtered records (right now, the report displays all records from the query). However, I cannot make use of the filter as it is unavailable. Any ideas why this is so?


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    I would say you need to edit the query to only output those records you want. You can either do that by changing the rowsource to an SQL statement using a WHERE clause, or Edit the query.

    Those are the options I see.

    To be honest I have never used a form filter so I have always shyed away from it since it is new territory for me.

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    The filter by from option is not available if the data source is not specified.

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    Row source where?
    My list box does have a row source (the query) and an unbound combo box I've been playing around with has a row source to an SQL statement to get the distinct rows for the field I am interested in from the query. I only need to invoke the Filter By Form to make the Print Preview to show only the filtered records. If I remove the unbound control, the Filter by Form gets greyed out, but it is still useless when it shows.

    I could put in the criteria in the query (and have the user fill a parameter box), but the Print Preview does not work with this means.

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