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    Unanswered: Call a Perl script from PL/SQL? (newbie question)

    I've been told it is possible to call extrnal programs from a PL/SQL command. What I need to do is to run a perl script (hopefully at a regular interval timed with DBMS_JOB).

    Can anyone help?


    P.S. extproc_perl isn't going to help us b/c we're on a Win2k server.
    P.P.S I'm really a dumb newbie so please make extensive use of sample code and explain what the code does. i.e. pretend you had to explain this to your mother.

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    It is MUCH simpler to use Windoze AT command than to try to do it from inside the database.

    If you insist on doing it the hard way,
    go research using either EXTERNAL PROCEDURE or JAVA.

    go to
    and do a keyword search for examples of each.
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    if the task scheduler is no good I have an external dll that will run a batch file, so you can use utl_file.put_line to create the batch file then get oracle to make it run if thats of any use
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