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    Unanswered: JDBC driver for DB2 v7.2

    Hello all,
    I'have installed a db2 database on winXP and i have pb trying to use tha jdbc driver with WSAD 5 :
    I'am using a XA JDBC provider, there no pb creating the connection, but when i try to prepare a statement to launch an sql request, i have the following error :
    "java.lang.AbstractMethodError: COM/ibm/db2/jdbc/app/DB2Connection.prepareStatement"

    I'am using the following JDBC :

    someone have an idea ?

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    I've got the answer, i have not using the JDBC type 2 (i did not run the file usejdbc2.bat under %DB_HOME%\sqlib\java12)

    thanks as well :-)


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