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    Unanswered: Report not giving accurate information

    I have a report that I have the params set up to show me information from Start Date to End Date by Order Code. Which an Order Code is just really the name of a certain product. I have 3 diff products that I am interested in I set it up in the Edit Selection Record as well like this:

    {WORKAREA.WORKAREA} in ["4NI1", "4NI2", "4NIA", "4NIB", "4NIC", "4NID", "4NIE", "4NIF", "4NIG", "4NIH", "4NII", "5PCU"] and

    and it gives me the same information for any Order Code that I choose. Any hints as to what I should do to make it pull the information for the Ordercode that I am picking in my parm list?


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    Not Getting Answers to my questions

    Am I doing something wrong in my post? I have no answers to this question and it was posted last week. If I am doing something wrong when asking my questions or if dbforums is not where I need to be please let me know.

    Thank you.

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