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    Unanswered: Syncing SQL-2000 & db2 Tables

    I would like to know whether there is a way to have a mirror image of a database Table in AS400 db2 database on a SQL-2000 database.

    I would like these two tables to be exactly identical, I mean what ever update occurs in AS400 table it should be reflected in SQL-2000 and this should be done automatically without any user intervention.

    I am not sure whether this kind of provision exists at all as they are two different databases ( And I am new to db2).

    The reason for this is, the program I am currently developing needs to have 24 hour access to that Table & our AS400 machine will be down 3 hours everyday. But I want my program to work even in the downtime. So I have a copy of the AS400 table in SQL server.

    But when ever an update occurs in AS400 I want the SQL table to be updated automatically.

    Anyhelp is highly appreciated.


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    I think you may try DB2 Relational Connect which helps integrate information by allowing a collection of databases to be viewed and manipulated as if they were a single resource. It makes data source access completely transparent to the calling application.

    I have never used it myself, but it sounds like.. it may serve ur purpose. You need to do a little bit of R&D in that area.

    IBM DB2 Relational Connect works in conjunction with DB2 Universal Database Version 7 EE or EEE and provides native read access to Informix IDS, Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server databases. You can use it to formulate queries on heterogeneous data in a federated system, or you can use it with the Data Warehouse Center.

    It can Query and retrieve information from:
    -Informix data sources
    -Oracle, V7, V8, V9i data sources
    -Sybase, V10, V11, and V12 (Microsoft® Windows® NT and AIX), data sources
    -Microsoft SQL Server V6.5, V7 and 2000 data sources on Windows NT

    Visit for details:

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