I am new to MySQL and is currently reading and researching as much as i can. However, only this minor thing that worries me..

I have clients using my Retail Management software under a network (simple workgroup) environment with clients up to 4, using MS Access. It is my hope to move the whole project to VB.Net with MySQL as the Database.

This was what makes me have more faith in the future of MySQL:

The only issue that got me Hanging(!!!) is the packaging-deployment, distribution and implementation.

With Access it is an easy matter with InstallShield, but with MySQL how would i distribute this new version?

The primary method of distribution is downloaded over the inet...

- Do i need to "Package" MySQL with my App?
- How is it done usually... does the client have to configure MySQL or can i automate things for them?

The objective for my App has been SIMPLE to Implement and EASE of Operation.

Great many thanks.