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    Exclamation Unanswered: ... How can i put the value while selecting the record on subform ...

    My purpose is
    When user select and delete the record on subform
    i want to put the value from that record .

    The user is choosing first record and that first record has id is "001" and name is "BUG"

    I want "BUG" word ( any value that come from the record is selecting)

    How can i do ?

    I have attached the subform picture while the recoard is selecting(while select the record , The record would been black tab whole record)

    Can anyone help me ?
    Please help me ....

    Thank you very much
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    I am sorry I am unable to understand you question of what you are wanting. :-/ Is there any way you could explain it a bit different?

    Have you ever thought about thinking on purpose?

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    See the picture

    When click in front of record (
    That record will be black tab like the picture

    I will put "12-1321" or "ede" or any value from this record to my variable (I want to put any value from selection on subform.)

    I dont know how to put the value from selection on subform

    Please help me


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