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Thread: Die 2110 Die!

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    Unanswered: Die 2110 Die!

    Someone Please help me figure this out. I am getting a 'cannot move focus to...." error 2110 (see attached image)

    I have tried ALL of the following ways to set focus to no avail. Can someone help?

    [Operator ID].SetFocus

    Forms(Me.Parent.Name).Controls("Operator ID").SetFocus

    Forms(Me.Parent.Name).Controls("[Operator ID]").SetFocus

    Forms(Me.Name).Controls("[Operator ID]").SetFocus

    Forms(Me.Name).Controls("Operator ID").SetFocus

    [Forms]![Operators]![Operator ID].SetFocus

    Controls("[Operator ID]").SetFocus

    Controls("Operator ID").SetFocus

    Please see attached image
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails die2110die.jpg  

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    Never Mind. THe control was disabled. Silly me.

    Would a moderator kindly remove or close this topic?

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