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    Smile Unanswered: Help on producing report


    thanks for helping me~

    I have two tables: order and product

    In the order table, i have a field called 'product_id'
    In the product table, i have a primary key called 'product_id' and a field called 'product_name'

    The product_id field is related to the two tables.

    What I am doing now is to produce a report using the table 'order'. It works ok and it is showing all the fields. For the field product_id on the report, it is showing the product_id of the product table. Is there anyway I can change the report so that it is showing the product_name instead of product_id?

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    oh now i found out how to do it.
    i have to drag the two tables on the report wizard window~

    If there is some better ways of doing it, plz let me know~

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