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    Unanswered: adding only fields with specific conditions

    I dug my grave with the first DB I put together for the office, now they ask can you build another one???

    I'm trying to calculate printer toner usage according to printer model based on wether or not replacements were due to the routine "printer out of toner" or defective toner or other reasons.
    So, I'd like to find out how many toners were changed for regular reasons, how many were changed because they were defective.

    Added is clip of the query I've got started...

    With the test data there, I'd like to come up with output like:
    3 HP 8100
    2 HP 4039
    Then I'd make another query calculating the total defectives
    1 Okidata Stylus 70
    Then pop 'em all onto a report, probably querying within a time frame.

    I could really use some help on this...
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    Thumbs up Use a totals Query

    There is a button in your toolbars that looks like a greek "E" . Thisbutton is the Totals button. Press it. It adds a total column in your query. GroupBy your Printer "Make" and Count by your "Model" Number. Then repeat for your second Query when you go for your defective toner.

    This should work for what you need!

    Gotta to do some code

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    Thanks a lot surfacesys....
    Combining your help with some literature I succeeded, now I'm off to figure page counts per printer updated at toner changes!!! It never ends... thanks for your help very much!

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