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    Unanswered: OEM 10g - dba management functionality disabled


    With Oracle Enterprise Manager Console I am not able to perform DBA management functionality (shutdown, ...) on 10g database. I am logging as sysdba user, functionality is disabled
    os:windows 2000

    Who can help me with this problem?

    Regards, Petr

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    You have to login as user 'SYS as SYSDBA'.
    I guess the third tab in loging is
    'NORMAL' or 'SYSDBA'. Choose the latter.

    Logging as SYS is not enough to be able to start/stop a database.

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    OEM 10g login as sysdba

    hi edwin,

    I logged as 'sys as sysdba' and I really am connected as sysdba, I can see it in OEM navigator. I tried also 'system as sysdba' with no sucess.

    With OEM 9.0.2 I had no problems ...


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