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    Unanswered: Percent of Totals By Group

    Hi All,
    I've got an Excel spreadsheet which is dynamically populated with an array of data - therefore cannot predict the size.

    For each record within the group, I need to work out the %Turnover, which I've worked out manually below.

    This is what I have at the moment
    Branch Account No Turnover %Turnover
    Cambridge 1 50.00 44.23%
    Cambridge 2 48.00 42.48%
    Cambridge 3 15.00 13.27%
    Cambridge Total 113.00

    Harlow 1617 25.00 35.71%
    Harlow 4556 45.00 64.29%
    Harlow Total 70.00

    Background Info:
    For the %Turnover the calculation will be:
    (Turnover/Total for group) * 100 - for each record within the Group(Branch).
    Branch is in Column B
    The %Turnover - will be in column I.
    The totals follow the row immediately after the last Branch for the group - as above.

    Any pointers much appreciated.


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    Using totals in the same column as data tends to not work for these kinds of projects.

    If you need to see the totals for each one, then you can use the following formula in Column J, let's say first data starts at row 4, and Column B has Branch name, Column C has Account Number in, Column D has the branch totals.

    Then in J4 put this formula:

    =SUMIF(B:B,B4,D: D)

    and in I4 put this formula


    Copy these two formulas down as far as your data.

    If you don't need to see the totals for the branch totals, then in Column I just put this:

    =D4/SUMIF(B:B,B4,D: D )

    NOTE: If you copy these formulas, realize that I put a space after the : and before the D becazuse it converts to smilies).
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