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    Unanswered: RSS feed aggregator usimg java

    i'm trying to develop a very simple RSS feed reader using java and xslt....i've a java prgm that would accept my xml and xsl and would give the output according to the xsl file.....the problem here is ....i can do it for one site .....but when i want to display mutliple sites in a presentable way i've u know where i can find some really good xslt tutorials....i can post the java prgm....i would like to display data something like one done in online RSS feed aggregator....
    i've found few open source codes on net that are using java scripts and others to parse a xml far as i feel using xslt would reduce lot of work
    i want to use only java and xslt for this purpose.......any suggestions are welcome
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    rss feed reader

    I'm also trying to implement rss reader have you succeded in implementing it? i saw some examples on ibm site for implementing using java...and i want to implement it using asp or vb ..if you have any idea then please help
    Bhavika shah

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