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    Unanswered: Oracle reports issues

    Recently I was asked to go back and edit one of two Oracle reports I worte. I don't have any training in Oracle reports, and have only written the 2 reports. When I tried to edit the report, I could only select the main frame. I was trying to select fields (To move and edit the sizes) and I could not. I could add a field, which was the task, but when I tried to move it, it was placed above the other fields. I do have the CONFINE and FLEX modes off. How can I get reports to allow me to select fields and no just the parent frame. Can I delete the parent frame?
    This has been very frustrating.
    Thank you for your help.
    Todd Farino
    Timet Corporation

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    You said that you can select frame, not the fields: try to move the frame to the bottom ("send to back") so that fields come "above" the frame.

    Or, did you, perhaps, GROUP objects on the layout so that - when it seems you're moving the frame - you move everything else too?

    Or, are you trying to edit MARGIN objects? It is displayed as a bold, black rectangle? It allows you to add a field, but can not do anything with other fields / frames that are in report's body.

    I hope some of this might help ... if not, see you here again

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