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    Hello Gurus !

    I am working on testing database and production database. I have table A_t in testing and table A_p in production database as well. Both have same structure.

    Table A in testing database is empty.
    Table A in production database has millions and millions of rows.

    What I need to do is populate table A_t in testing database with the same data in table A_p in production database.

    I am using a simple insert statement but its taking a hell lotta time.

    (SELECT * FROM <schema.A_p@database_link
    WHERE date BETWEEN '01-FEB-04' AND '02-FEB-04');

    Can I use a PL/SQL table instead and use bulk binding ... Is this recommended ??

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    Try to push the data, i stead of pulling.

    INSERT INTO table_t@testdb
    SELECT * from table_p
    where date between ... and ...

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