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    I created the sql file for the database i wanted 2 create but when i actully create the forms and relate all the tables toghter, it doesnt seem 2 allow me 2 enter in data in some forms but in other it does!
    could this be a problem becuase of the realtionship between the tables or the sql code?

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    I'm sorry, but I have to admit that I don't understand what you did nor what you'd like to do ...

    You created SQL file for the database you wanted to create. What did you want to create? SQL query or the database?
    So, you wrote a query and saved it into a file?

    When you create forms and relate tables together etc. ... Which forms? How are they related to SQL file you mentioned earlier? Some of them allow you to enter data (into tables or just to populate screen fields) and some don't?

    Could you write a word or two more and explain it again?

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