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    Unanswered: sql agent mail -not responding

    My sql agent mail suddenly stops working. The mails are usually going to the people. But once in a while I have this wierd problem of mails not reaching the recipients. Happens once in 2-3 weeks, starts working fine if I restart the server. When I open the Outlook client, the outbox is also empty, but still the mails are not gone.
    If I Test the mail profile in the sql agent properties, it gives time out error. Everything becomes okay if I restart the server.

    OS: Win 2K sp4
    Server : SQL 2000 SP3
    Account : Verified that the account is in Administrator Group
    There is only one MAPI32.DLL file and is in system32 folder.

    The wierd part is everything works if I restart..any help would be much appreciated.

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    which version of outlook are you using
    if it is earlier than Outlook 98 upgrade it to 98,2000,2002,2003
    97 has issues with this process

    if it is one of the later ones
    the simplest solution would be to first

    • Delete your Email Profile from your computer
    • Delete your service account "Ms Exchange Settings"
    • Recreate your service account
    • open outlook.

    just because it's a quick simple process and you can do it in one sitting. it's like an account refresh.

    if you think that your Mapi32.dll is corrupt
    try this Link

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