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    Unanswered: Access 97 Queries


    I have a text box that uses an auto number but I want to limit the number to 30, is this possible?

    I could use a combo box but this won't automatically select the next number in sequence like the auto number does, any ideas?


    I have two forms that contain different types of data for the same customer but contain the same customer id number. Using this is as a link is there any quick way that while I'm in form A I can see the additional data in form B.

    Thanks for your help
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    You want to have a sequence of 1-30.

    What happens when it gets to 30?

    If you want an error displayed you need to go into code.

    sub oneway()
      dim data as string
      data = me.textbox (or listbox.rowsource whatever you use)
        if data >30 then
        msgbox "you have entered more than 30 records"
        'put your actions here, like null last field or restart autonumber
      end if
    end sub

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    Robertma, re your second question, you can insert form b as a subform in form a. On you toolbox you will have an icon for Insert Subform/Subreport. Click on that and draw out the subform on form a. A wizard will kick up guiding you thru select the form to insert, and specifying the link field.

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    TechnicalAli, thanks very much!

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