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    Question Unanswered: Transparent images and custom controls

    This is two seperate questions;

    1. Can I use custom controls in access like in VB - files with a .ctl extension, ie not .ocx extension. If so, how do I do it?

    2. I've got an image which has got a transparent area, but when I put the image onto a form the transparency isnt working. If its just on a grey area of the form its OK, if I change the background of the form to say orange, the background of the image appears grey. I'm trying to put some imgaes in the header part of the form and change its colour so it looks like a toolbar. I've tried using transparent bmp jpg and ico but same problem happens with them all. Any ideas - and dont suggest using a toolbar ActiveX control.

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    Can you get transparent bmp, jpg and ico?

    I thought alpha channels are most commonly found with tga.

    Am I wrong?

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