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    Unanswered: How do I copy a database from one UNIX to another?

    Is there a generic way to copy an entire database from one machine to another? I am developing an application that I test against a number of logically identical databases on different UNIXes (AIX, SunOS, HP-UX, Linux etc), and creating the sample database + loading test data with the tools provided from a third party takes about 30 hours, so I would prefer to do that only once, if possible. Any suggestions?

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    Re: How do I copy a database from one UNIX to another?

    Maybe, you should read this page on 'Using Different Operating Systems' in V8 docs

    I don't have the infrastructure to test it, but looks like with most flavours of Unix (except Linux), you should be able to backup-resotre ..

    I remember reading sometime back, that backup-resotre withing big-endian unix platforms is supported


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    Thanks! It seems that db2move is what I want here.

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