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    Unanswered: Realtime Auction, not online - help!

    Hi, thanks in advance for reading this. I've been asked by a non-profit group in our small town to create some kind of software database they can use for a realtime televised auction. The system would have 1 "server", 3 people doing phones and entering bids, and each hour the items would "expire", the auction would close and a new one would start (I thought I could just use different databases for each hour, 12 hours total). Then reports each hour of the "winners", and invoices printed when the auction is all over.

    I've done a lot in Access 2000, but never anything like this! Does anyone know of any templates out there I could follow? If not, then they may have to hire someone to do it for them.



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    I created an Auction Database for a Car Dealer in the bay area that holds Auctions twice a week. Using that as a basis for my thought process, you are going to need the following:

    Customer Table (Customer information)
    Auction Item Table (Item being auctioned information, including time of bid close)
    Bid Table (Contains Customer ID, Auction Item ID, Bid Amount and Rank of Bid)

    Customer Form (to enter Customer/Bidder Information)
    Item Form (to enter Auction Item information)
    Bid Form (t enter bid information)

    You will need a ranking module that ranks each bid as it comes in (i.e. the highest bid gets ranked 1 the lowest gets ranked 5, etc.) You will not need 12 different databases, just a module that runs on the Bid Form that looks at the current time and will not accept anymore bids if it is greater than the allowed time of the bid (i.e. Not bids accepted after 4/17/04 13:00)

    I have a sample I could send you, but it needs to be cleaned up some. Go to and send me an e-mail of where I can send you some examples.

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