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    Unanswered: DAO, a VB ActiveX and MS Access. Compatible?

    Hello everybody,

    Here is my problem. I have created an ActiveX control with the DAO 3.6 object library.

    1) I created a recordset property where I can assign an outside DAO.recordset to the activeX control.

    2) I created Navigation buttons

    What happens is when I drop my control on a Bound Access form, set my control's recordset to the form's recordset, and I try to navigate the navigation works perfectly except that it locks the fields up in my form and I can no longer edit (I can edit until I click on one of my navigation buttons. Here is the code Any ideas why this happens?

    Code in Access Form

    Set MyObject.Recordset = Me.Recordset

    Code in my ActiveX Object
    Public Property Set Recordset(ByRef new_Recordset As DAO.Recordset)

    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

    Set rsMain = new_Recordset

    End Property
    Private Sub cmdNext_Click()

    If rs.EOF Then
    End If

    End Sub
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    It would probably be better to use the bookmark property of the forms recordset. Otherwise, the data cannot be changed, as you are moving through your recordset, not the forms recordset.

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