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    Unanswered: CPUVPS overutilized


    we are running informix 9.3FCW8 on HP UX-B.11.11 U with 16 processors for application and Informix server. Out of which 10 Processors are dedicated to Informix server by PSET parameter. I allocated 9 CPUVPS for the Server.

    When i calculate the system,usercpu time for some elapsed time,its showing more that 100%, rising up to 800%. It is recommend that we should not set more CPUVPS than physical CPU's. So what would be the appropriate no of CPUVPS to allocate.


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    I have seen this exact same behaviour in AIX (using tprof to measure) and Informix tech support gave me some shuck-and-jive story about it being the result of poor PDQ strategy on my part. Their logic was that I did not see this behaviour on the same machine before I upgraded Informix because the IDS code base was "more forgiving" but the code base was 'tightened' according to them between versions 9.2x and 9.4x in such a way that makes it less forgiving.

    I was pretty unhappy with this explaination, sounds like something Oracle would say. Anyone else seeing this behavoiur and have a thought? works regarless of your belief in it.

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