Hi ,

I have got a piece of c++ code.i have to find out the variables which are declared in the program but not used in the code.

I want to write a shell script to find such variables.The script shuld take one input the datatype (int ,float etc).

here goes the sample code.
i have to VAR1 and verify that it is not used in the later part of code

string Order_unit::get_Corder_display_text(int due_date)
string display_text="";
int VAR1;// var to be searched.
char due_dt[31];
log_msg(DEBUG,7,"The job id at corder display text is

if(_job_id > 0)
Job job;
if( job.getById(_job_id) != _job_id )
log_msg(DEBUG, 2, "Unable to get details for

job id %ld\n",_job_id);

Thanks in Advance.