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    Unanswered: how to maintain database concurrence?

    My application uses sql for performing operation. something like conncetion.execute(query). so there is only conncetion object no recordset object or something like that.

    NOTE: for this issue [connection object = database hendler]

    i want to run multiple instence of my application so i want to maintain integrety of data. and i am looking for solution through sql for locking mechanism. so concurrent data access dont currept data.

    So how can i maintain concurrency.
    [HINT:] some locking mechanism should be used how to use that lock that i dont know.

    I hope you have uderstand my requirement.
    Waiting for reply.

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    i notice this exact same question in half a dozen forums

    please don't do that, that's called cross-posting, and it is not polite

    besides, why would you post this question in any other forums except the one for the database system you're using

    are you using mysql?

    i didn't think so | @rudydotca
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    As Rudy pointed out, cross posting is both rude and probably not very effective, since many times the answer may take the context into consideration and give you the best answer based on where your question is posted. If you look at my answer the SQL Server forum, it references a Microsoft web page. In this case, the advice is sound, but the reference may be of little value if you aren't using Microsoft products.


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