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    Database design - desesperate for some help

    I am pulling my hair out on that one - probably because i am still rather new at all that. I am trying to build an application that will allow customers to get an online quotations for kitchen benchtops (based on square metres). The company wants to be able to provide different price depending on whether the customer is a wholesaler or a retailer.

    here is what i have come up with so far along with some of the business rules but it still doesn't look right. I haven't yet added all the attributes.

    If anyone could give some ideas .... i will finally be able to sleep!!!



    A QUOTE is made of one or more piece of wood.
    Each PIECE can have zero or one or many ADD ONS (polishing, corners ...)
    Each PIECE has several CHARGES: fitting per m2, paint per m2 and commission
    Each ADD ONS is associated with a cost price, wholesale price and retail price. The price of each will depend on the customer type: wholesaler or retailer.

    The quotes includes 3 prices; each one of those prices varies on the type of paint: plain, metallic paint and star paint.

    Each paint has a cost price, wholesale price and retail price.

    And to make things worse, the company would like to keep track of past cost!!!!

    Each of type of paint has a cost price, wholesale price and retail price
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