Amongst others, I have the following dimensions:

1. Distributors

2. Customers

3. Country

Both the Distributors and Customers dimensions have fields called RegionId, StateId, and CityId (I'll refer to these as Geography fields later in this post). As you would probably have figured out these are to be linked with the Country Dimension which has all these fields (RegionId, StateId, and CityId) but with more details for each e.g. Name etc.

The problem which I am facing is when I SAVE the cube:
After I have linked the Geography fields of Customers and Distributors with the Geography fields of the Country Dimension and when I try to SAVE the cube, I get a message saying
"There is a loop in the schema. Please remove the extra joins".

If I delete the Geography links between either the Distributors
Dimension and the Country Dimension OR between the Customers Dimension and the Country Dimension OR BOTH, I am then able to save the cube without any problems

Please help. Please let me know if I need to add more information for
you to be able to help me solve the problem.