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    Unanswered: Coverting Access data to SQL query

    Hi There
    im try to find out if there is a way, of converting an Access db to a .SQL extension file.

    I have some web space with a MySQL db attached, and i use phpMyAdmin to update, drop etc the database (i have no direct contact with it). I want all the data in my Access db onto my MySQL db without having to enter each row in. phpMyAdmin can use .SQL files to populate db, but i need to export the Access data into an SQL file format.


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    I'd suggest that you use an ETL tool. That makes this process much easier, although it assumes that you can get progmatic access to both of the databases.

    If you can get ODBC access to both databases (MS-Access is a "gimme", the MySQL database could be easy or a challenge), then you have lots of choices at very low cost.

    You can generate an SQL script from an Access database progmatcially, but it is often quite a bit of work. I'd strongly suggest that you investigate other choices first.


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