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    let me explain my business rules first.

    One company can have many site addresses;
    One company can have many trades
    And one trade can have many activities.

    Ok seems very basic at this stage does'nt it, but if i give some data the complexity changes completly for example:

    the trades are as follows:
    ID 1: DESC: Printing
    ID 2: DESC: Artwork
    ID 3: DESC: Photography
    ID 4: DESC: Reprographics.

    now in this case only the printing trade has activities:
    ID 1: DESC: Flexo
    ID 2: DESC: Digital

    So, in the above i am saying which ever company picks Printing as there trade, then they have the option of specifying which particular printing trade it is that they do.

    Again simple enough by using one-to-many from the Trade Table to the Trade Activity table.

    The problem is that not all trades have associated trade activities, for example the artwork trade activity is just artwork, but i need to be able to allow this to be so in the future.

    When I try to create a view to select a particular company, with there associated trade and trade activity, I do not get any result at all because not all of the trade activities have any records assigned to them.

    Please can anyone help.

    I need to be able to pull back all companies with their associated trades and associated trade activities.


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    Sounds to me like you want a LEFT OUTER JOIN.


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    cheers Pat, always the case as soon as i had posted this i'd smack my heade against the wall and came up with exactly the same thing.

    Note to self: must move away from screen from time to time!


    you've got to go back before you can go forward.

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