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    Angry Unanswered: Can't retrieve the records in Crystal Reports

    I've been facing this problem for quite some time now. I write to the database from VB 6.0 ie update the table. After this I view the Report using the Crystal Report control, but I don't get the latest updated data. In fact I get an empty recrodset. ie a blank report and in one case I get only the first updated record.

    Here's the code for which I use

    With Crpt
    .destination = CrpttoWindow ' Show the window
    .datafiles(0) = conpath ' Path of the database
    .ReportFileName = "..." ' Path of the Report
    End with

    After the first Post I tried the following two options

    1. Removed Save Data with Report from Crystal Reports for this report
    2. Tried using

    crpt.DiscardSavedData = True

    None of the above worked

    Hope u get the problem more clearly now
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    do you "Close" your report when closing the form?

    somthing like this...

    Set Report = Nothing

    post some codes, may be then i could undertsnad more of your problem..
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