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    Unanswered: srw.set_printer_tray

    Oracle 9i
    Forms and reports 9ias
    UNIX Sun solaris 5.8.

    Has anyone successfully used the built in Oracle reports procedure: srw.set_printer_tray, in a 9iAS application?

    I am trying to use the srw.set_printer_tray command in an Oracle 9iAS development. When testing a report using the set_printer_tray command in report builder on my machine the command works fine. But when I run the same report on our system which runs on a UNIX box the set_printer_tray command causes the report to crash. Has anyone had a similar problem? If so how was it fixed?

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    Does srw.set_printer_tray itself causes report to crash, or is it because of invalid parameter? (For example, you tested a report on your loacal printer whose tray is "tray1", while on a printer connected to your UNIX machine tray's name is "upper tray")?

    Also, I found out (it was Oracle 7 DB and Report Builder 6i) that using true tray's name didn't work properly (i.e. I was unable to change trays as I wanted to) until I used paper type instead of tray name. For example, srw.set_printer_tray('tray2') didn't work, while srw.set_printer_tray('color') worked just fine.

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