I am unable to start DSI thread for my user database.
We are using warm standby replication.

Replication version is
Replication Server/12.5/EBF 10505/PC Intel/Windows NT 4.0/1/OPT/Tue Jul 16 19:36:13 PDT 2002.

I. 2004/04/19 10:34:45. A parallel transaction has failed in database 'MySrv.DB'. The transaction will be executed individually.
I. 2004/04/19 10:34:45. Message from server: Message: 11065, State 1, Severity 10 -- ''SET IDENTITY_INSERT' is ON for table 'dbo.my_usertable'.
H. 2004/04/19 10:34:45. THREAD FATAL ERROR #5049 DSI EXEC(124(2) MySrv.DB) - dsiqmint.c(2975)
The DSI thread for database 'MySrv.DB' is being shutdown. DSI received data server error #11065 which is mapped to STOP_REPLICATION. See logged data server errors for more information. The data server error was caused by output command #1 mapped from input command #3 of the failed transaction.

Can anybody help me regarding this problem.

Thanks in advance