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    Unanswered: Remote connection to DB2


    I am working in DB2. It is available on one machine & I need to use the same instance from another machine. Can any one of you please let me know about connecting to DB2 instance remotely?


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    Basic Details


    This is one of the most vaguest answers I've posted on the forum so far simply because I don't know what operating system you are using nor do i know what version of db2 you are on.

    First and foremost I would request you to please read the "Must Read Before Posting Thread" befor you do your next post.

    Windows procedure
    To Connect to a remote instance you need to install an admin client on your machine. Then using the Config Assistant you can catalog the instance followed by the database to your local machine and go ahead and administer the same.

    Unix Procedure.
    Here you need to install again the admin client and then go ahead and using commands first catalog the instance and then the database and you can adminster the instance.

    For more details please refer to db2 documentation and also for more details on catalog command type db2 ? catalog on the command prompt once you have installed the client.


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    Re: Basic Details


    Thanks a lot for your inputs. To speak the truth you really opened my eyes. As soon as I saw your mail I went through db2 admin guide and found the required stuff. It would be better if I do this earlier.
    Thanks once again.

    The note you have given at the end of the mail is good.


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