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    Unanswered: help me think a seminar title !!

    i m a computer science student. By now i should prepare a seminar, please help me think a seminar title thanks. The title should related to latest technology or any IT products. Please give some description for the title thanks. Thanks :P

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    "How to Quickly Put a Database on the Web"

    And use this:

    For a "quick and dirty" generic ASP open-source solution to putting databases on the Web that just requires setting up a configuration page for each table or query and uploading the database to the Web as long as there is an autonumber field in each table (and you'll probably also separately want to create login capabilities), perhaps try something like this:
    GenericDB by Eli Robillard and then click on the Tips link to see an example
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    A) this is the wrong forum

    B) This is too fun to not reply too.

    How about these:

    -Open Source vs Closed Source: a comparison

    -History of Databases: How Db2 once ruled, Oracle once challenged, SQL Server domintated, and MySQL is the Dark Horse

    -History of Webmail: How websites became such dominant mail carriers, and how Google Mail has become a threat that will change the face of email for years to come

    -Web Hosting: A guide to why hosting companies charge so much money, and how you can do it to.

    -Y2k: Was it all a hype?

    -Apple: a history if the think different company

    -Apple vs Microsoft: how the net was won

    -The Future of Apple: can they survive the next 5-10 years with their business and economic model?

    -The Browser Wars: a brief history showcasing the rise and fall of Mozilla, Netscape, Interenet Explorer, Opera, and Safari

    -The Matrix: Could it happen? A disection of the science desribed in The Matrix movies

    -Artificial Intelligence: Where is it going? Where will Osamo be in 20 years?

    -Dead Movies: A debate on the ethic of using computer generated versions of dead actors

    -Patriot ACT II: Should the government have the right to view your email? Should Google?

    -Instant Messaging: There are three dominant players, AOL, Yahoo, and Microsoft -- who will win and why?

    -World Wide Web -- has this technology gone as far as it can?

    There you go.


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    excellent, le

    check out the Yak Corral thread in Chit Chat forum, pages 18, 19 | @rudydotca
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