I'm having a problem with JConnect driver, and was hoping if you can relay this question to Sybase. Or hopefully have ran into it yourself.

Problem description:
I'm using JConnect 5.5 JDBC driver to connect to a Sybase Database, Although the access is working perfectly, i'm currently in a stage where i need to pass sun.jdbc.rowset.CachedRowSet through an RMI bound service, to a Servlet Container.

However, accessing the RMI Service method that *returns* the CachedRowSet instance to the servlet container, results in an error which is quite vague for me to solve.
Some resources claim that a "Functionality" is not available in the JDBC Driver. Hence before i put more effort than i already did to solve the problems, i wanted to make sure if such an error has been faced by other Developers, alongside the proper solution.

com.sybase.jdbc2.utils.UnimplementedOperationExcep tion:
The method com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.RowFormatToken.getSchemaName has not been completed and should not be called.