This might be a dumb question, but I couldn't find much on it that really explained it very well. Maybe someone here can help me.
I would like to know a couple of things, firstly is whether it is better to have a NULL value, or a "" in a database field that MIGHT not contain a value.
As an example, when a user signs up on my site, eventually when I get it up and running fully (http://www.okcguide.com), for fields that are not required (like an address, or phone number field), should I check for an empty HTML form field, and if it is empty, place a NULL into the database, or should I place a ""? I would assume NULL, but I'm going for best practice here

Also, one more question, and I realize this is an Access specific question, but maybe someone can answer both at the same time. When I choose Required = No for my field I know that means no NULLs, does the Allow Zero Length mean no zero-length strings ("")? So in other words, it's either a value, or NULL? (if I allow NULL)

Hmm, maybe someone can help.
Thanks so much!!