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    Unanswered: permission denied on object

    I connect in my database "test" with the user "teste" by SQL QueryAnalyzer (localhost;DatabaseName=test;SelectMethod=cursor),
    but when i run the SQL (select * from user) return the error
    "SELECT permission denied on object 'user', database 'test', owner 'teste'.

    I already put all permission to the user "user".

    My database test has a table "user". The owner´s "teste" and the Type´s "User"
    The user "teste" has all permission to the table "user" (select, update, insert ...)

    what i need to do ? What´s wrong ?

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    The user may possibly be denied access to the table or a member of a group that is denied access to the table or possibly a member of db_denydatareader.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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