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    Unanswered: Caption Property in Fields

    Hi. I want to see the caption of a field in Access table when a report is extracted to an Excel file. The same problem there is in reports and I have to correct the report's titles each time when I make a report. Generaly, why (Mr Gate!) doesn't the caption property seem anywhere except table's view?

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    This post is well after the original, but here is a way to do it. You have to use DAO. I couldn't get 'For Each' to work, which may be due to it being DAO. One thing to note is that you will get an error (property not found) if the caption field is not being used, but you can catch that and keep going.

    Dim cnt As Integer
    Dim i As Integer

    cnt = CurrentDb.TableDefs("tblMembers").Fields.count

    For i = 0 To cnt - 1
    MsgBox CurrentDb.TableDefs("tblMembers").Fields(i).Proper ties("Caption")

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