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    Unanswered: how i can get the lock detail information?

    i'm new user of db2(os390).
    i know use -display database(**) locks to see the lock information
    but i do not know how to differentiate the lock level ,row page table or ts.
    when i update 1 row data,i do not know it will lock a page or a table
    how can i do ?

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    There are two ways:

    1. Look at the tablespace definition and see what the locksize is. If the locksize is ANY keep in mind that the locksize can escalate from page to tablespace at runtime.

    2. There are some monitoring tools, but I am not sure exactly all the ones that are available. Try checking the manuals. Hopefully some else can expound on this.
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    You can also look in the DB2 job in SDSF for the lock escalations.

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